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5 Granite Countertop Trends to Try in 2019

January 2, 2019

5 Granite Countertop Trends to Try in 2019

One of the essential components of any kitchen is the countertop. Apart from being the action center of the kitchen, the countertop provides an excellent foundation for the kitchen décor. It sets the tone and feel of the entire kitchen. The importance of the countertop on kitchen décor calls for careful attention when choosing countertop finish, design, and material. Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials mainly due to its sheer beauty. If you are planning to install granite countertops or remodel your kitchen, you may want to consider some of these trends in granite countertops.

  1. Granite is here to Stay

Granite is a natural rock that is a favorite countertop material in many homes. It is durable, reliable and appealing. This material can suit almost all kitchen designs including modern and minimalistic among others. Also, it is available in many colors, patterns, finishing, and quality levels. In 2019, granite will see significant improvements in its production process, which will cement its status as one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials on the market. 

  1. Honed vs. Polished

Many people are increasingly moving towards granite countertops with textured and tactile surfaces. This may involve using honed and leather surfaces on granite countertops. Honed granite countertops have matte finishing with minimal to no shine. The overall look of honed granite countertops is low sheen with a very smooth surface. This type of finish works well with granite because it helps to conceal flaws such as scratch marks.

Leathered finish is one of the latest styles of treatment. Leathered granite countertops are less glossy and with a soft sheen. These types of granite countertops have more sophisticated looks because they retain their natural colors. 

  1. Veining and Patterns

Countertops with a bit more character are likely to become more popular in the coming years. More people are likely to choose granite countertops in a wide range of patterns. Granite countertops are being designed to have realistic veining and patterns. This type of countertop will add a creative personality to your kitchen.

  1. Neutral Tones and Trends

Upcoming granite countertops are likely to feature softer tones. Many homeowners are gradually ditching bright, bold colors in favor of more neutral and laid-back tones such as those of galaxy stones. Common granite countertop colors that you are likely to find in kitchens in 2019 include white, soft grey and beige.

Interestingly, this shift towards neutral colors comes at a time when many homeowners are opting to open up their kitchens to natural lighting. Today’s kitchens feature skylights, huge windows and folding glass door systems. This results in a bright and airy feel, which is a common feature of modern kitchens and homes. Due to skyrocketing costs of real estate, many kitchens are relatively small. However, the combination of bright, natural light and neutral tones help to make small spaces appear bigger.

  1. High Contrast Countertops

A common trend you are likely to see more of in 2019 is high contrast countertops. Granite countertops must not necessarily blend into your kitchen design. However, you can use them to create focal points that make bold statements.


The kitchen countertop has always been one of the focal points of any kitchen décor. In 2019, variety rules. Homeowners have many granite countertop designs, sizes, and finishes to choose from. The team at Galaxy Stone can assist with your renovation needs. Contact us today!