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Granite Kitchens: Offering Great Variety for Those with Limited Kitchen Time

February 6, 2019

Granite Kitchens: Offering Great Variety for Those with Limited Kitchen Time

Granite countertops are available in many colors that can coordinate well with the color scheme of your kitchen, and offers great variety for people with limited kitchen time. This kitchen countertop material comes from various regions of the world and each region produces specific color and type of granite.


White Granite

This is one of the most popular granite countertop colors because it complements a wide range of cabinet colors.


River White

This granite features sweeping lines that can coordinate well with various kitchen designs. River white granite is highly versatile and works well with dark cabinets. This stone helps to make small work surfaces appear longer than they actually are.


Kashmir White

This is an ideal granite countertop option for people who are looking for white stone that has just a bit of texture. Kashmir white granite has a salt and pepper look that helps to hide small messes on your countertop.


Delicatus White

This stone makes an excellent statement piece in your kitchen and helps add intrigue, especially if you have single-color backsplashes. Delicatus white granite adds fun and can easily complete the look of any kitchen. However, it is not the easiest to match due to its wide color variations.


Ice White

This stone features a hint of pale blue and is ideal for spaces with cool and calm colors. It matches well with light and dark-gray cabinets.


Himalayan White

This stone has more significant hints of gray than any other white granite. This makes it ideal for adding contrast to light colored kitchens. Some designers even use Himalayan white granite as a marble substitute on low budget kitchen remodeling projects. This is one of the cheapest granite countertop options on the market.


Black Granite

Absolute Black

This granite countertop option compliments lighter cabinets and dark floors. It is ideal for homeowners looking for a contemporary and sleek look. It is called absolute black because it has almost no other colors in it.



This stone is rich in mica and is known for its rich gold specks. Some varieties have red and green streaks in them. This stone is extremely difficult to stain, which makes it kid-proof.


Black Galaxy

This stone has bright, white flecks that come out better in proper lighting. This stone can be used for countertops as well as backsplashes. The stone is called black galaxy because it has the look of a rural night sky with white flecks that resemble stars. Like Ubatuba, black galaxy helps to mask smudges and messes.


Brown Granite

Brown Pearl

This granite countertop option is ideal for homeowners looking for something that leans more towards the wild side. It has streaks of white, brown and black that give the stone the look of a mosaic.


Coffee Brown

This is a great granite countertop option for people who are looking for something that is not extremely busy.


Granite is a highly versatile countertop material that is affordable and a perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury to any home. If you have any questions or need help finding the right countertop for you and your home, feel free to contact us at any time! We are ready to serve you by offering quality products at a reasonable price!